A Fractal Height Map Generator in Ruby

[I’m migrating my old articles to the blog in order to switch to it entirely] Date: 25th March 2010 Introduction This article describes the theory behind, and how to implement, a basic fractal height map generator. It is based upon the algorithm defined at http://gameprogrammer.com/fractal.html. Height maps are used in many things: positioning software, graphical […]

Android Maps and Routing

Very quick one here. I’ve been trying to mapping, especially routing, working on an android application I’m developing. I will save you a lot of trouble and tell you to use the inbuilt Google services. In fact, I found a gem of a post at http://smartandroidians.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/showing-route-through-google-map-in.html which shows you how to open an intent for […]

SlimDX and Shaders – Constant Buffers

Setting up Having played with a few GLSL shaders in C++, I thought that moving to a DirectX/HLSL solution sould be fairly simple. Creating the most simple pixel shader was easy enough, and SlimDX is a decent wrapper for DX in C# – so after an hour or so I had the standard working triangle […]

Rails 3 and lighttpd

This was performed on Archlinux with lighttpd 1.4.28 and rails 3.0.3 Prerequisites Required packages: lighttpd, fcgi, ruby, and their dependencies…   Ruby Setup Required gems: fcgi, bundler (if you are behind a proxy, the magic gem command is : # gem install GEM -r -p “http://[PROXY_URL]:[PROXY_PORT]” ) Once you have that you need to create […]

Ruby and Watir: Sending keyboard events to an element

Ok, so you need to send certain keyboard events to an element to properly test a webpage, but stuck how to do it? Ive looked at some tutorials on the web, but there doesn’t seem a simple solution. However, I have been experimenting, and this method seems to work fine. # First off create your […]