Ruby and Watir: Sending keyboard events to an element

Ok, so you need to send certain keyboard events to an element to properly test a webpage, but stuck how to do it?

Ive looked at some tutorials on the web, but there doesn’t seem a simple solution.
However, I have been experimenting, and this method seems to work fine.

# First off create your Watir::IE object
ie =

# Then navigate to the page you are testing

# Grab the descriptor of the element you wish to send a keyboard command to
# (for example, a text field)
element = ie.textField(:id, "myText")

# Now, I found that keyboard events only work if the Watir::IE window is on top and has
# focus, so for example if we wish to send a "Pageup" keyboard command to the element
# "myText" we would do so by


This method does require Autoit( to be installed, and a full list of keyboard events can be found here:





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