Ruby and Watir: Sending keyboard events to an element

Ok, so you need to send certain keyboard events to an element to properly test a webpage, but stuck how to do it? Ive looked at some tutorials on the web, but there doesn’t seem a simple solution. However, I have been experimenting, and this method seems to work fine. # First off create your […]

Summer, Lisbon and Research

Well the talk in Glasgow went great, and I managed to receive a grant to visit the university of lisbon for a week in the summer to continue my research. I managed to find some interesting results and managed to create a small java application to view my results visually. It came out quite nice, […]


Well I’ve just been told I have to give a 15 min presentation on my research at this years MiNeMa workshop in Glasgow. Thats fine but as I’m only in my second year … I think my hair may fall out. I will be giving a presentation on a modified broadcast algorithm for use in […]