CSLU Demo Prep

Well, this is getting rather fun, but quite time consuming.

My alarm clock is ticking away and my sleep time dwindling as I type, but I just don;t feel the urge to sleep yet. I’ve got a talk/demo I’m preparing for Wednesday for CSLU and it is getting bigger and bigger workload wise.

I’m hoping this translates to geeky hacky fun though.

The talk is on languages and paradigms, so I’m introducing a load of languages (8 I think, off the top of my head), describing the basic constructs, and then getting the room to build a “99 bottles” program using 3 of the given languages.

The fun, but time consuming, part of this is that I’m building cheat sheets for each language. Done the first one tonight, and it was for C, so quite detailed. Hoping I can cut/paste a lot of stuff for similar languages, and hoping I don’t have to fall back to a stock one. It is nice to make a custom one for the group, and also cements my own knowledge, especially of the languages I am unfamiliar with.

After the 99 bottles task, I am going to set some slightly longer challenges which can be made easier using certain paradigms. I have an OO one, which can be done procedurally. It’s based around a game scenario. For procedural I will probably do a processing batch type thing. For functional I need to do a little more research.

With the department allowing me to set up a load of VMs for everyone to use too, this should be pretty fun on Wednesday … so long as I get it all finished in time!

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