4 weeks in corporate research – initial thoughts

So I’ve spent the last 4 weeks in Cambridge working as an intern at Microsoft Research and I thought I’d share my observations on the differences between academia and corporate research. Academia, I find, is far from the ivory tower that it once was. Forgetting the worrying need to find economic benefit for projects, most […]

New website style

I’ve changed the style of my website to be a bit more spartan, but a bit more stylish. Done a bit of re-branding too, now that people may actually look at it in a professional context. Have a look here, at the usual http://jimhi.com , or at the new http://carlellis.co.uk .

Installing WP on arch, and migrating from blogger

So I’ve migrated my blog from blogger to wordpress, with the advent of google+ this could have been a premature move, but wordpress is just *nicer*. Some major points about this migration. From Google’s servers to my own Want to have support for multiple wordpresses WordPress gets things via FTP (eurgh) So, point 1 and […]

Rails 3 and lighttpd

This was performed on Archlinux with lighttpd 1.4.28 and rails 3.0.3 Prerequisites Required packages: lighttpd, fcgi, ruby, and their dependencies…   Ruby Setup Required gems: fcgi, bundler (if you are behind a proxy, the magic gem command is : # gem install GEM -r -p “http://[PROXY_URL]:[PROXY_PORT]” ) Once you have that you need to create […]

CSLU Demo Prep

Well, this is getting rather fun, but quite time consuming. My alarm clock is ticking away and my sleep time dwindling as I type, but I just don;t feel the urge to sleep yet. I’ve got a talk/demo I’m preparing for Wednesday for CSLU and it is getting bigger and bigger workload wise. I’m hoping […]

Conference season

September time is conference time it seems and I am currently at UbiComp2010. The UCSE2010 workshop convened yesterday which was very successful and discussion driven. One of the main technical company sponsor was in the workshop, Autodesk, and gave an interesting talk on how they are opening their whole building’s Building Information Model(BIM) to the […]

New Article on Jimhi

I’ve wrote a small article on my site, about the architecture and motivation behind my site. More of a meta-article really. It is pretty short, simple, and written at 2am. Enjoy! http://jimhi.com/content/articles/jimhi/ C

Cyber Security Challenge

To all those interested, here is a copy of my email with my solution. To whom it may concern, Decoded this from the last challenge! Congratulations¬† youve found and completed the REAL challenge. Your win code is¬† cyb3r=s3cur1ty*ch@ll3nge+26-07-2010. Please email this code to our team at media@cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk. If youre the first person to do so, […]

Cardiff and Lands End

So I decided to go on a week long tour of the good bit of the south, namely, the southwest. First though, a stop off at Cardiff to see an old friend. As Cardiff had been explored before, and I had the car, first on the list of places to go was a pilgrimage to […]

Battery Monitor – rbatmon

I use a rather spartan windowing manager called awesome in all of my machines. This has been a fine setup until I used it on my netbook due to one small issue, battery monitors. On my desktop machines and the laptop I use gkrellm to monitor cpu and memory and for the laptop it has […]