The PhD and Industry

Back in April I was invited to give a talk at the  Lancaster University Postgraduate Research Conference held at the university. The room would be full of PhD candidates and other postgraduates, so I wanted to give a talk that would have been helpful to me when I was at this stage. I know the main thing […]

Android development talk

On Thursday 10th May, I was asked to present a small talk on android development. I have not been coding android for very long, but I had learned enough to get background services working and activities not popping up where they should be. The slides won’t be as complete without my talk, but they should […]

Viral Marketing

I’ve been slowly writing up a skills bank for the Lancaster Award and while finding something for organisation I came across the old working documents for a viral marketing campaign I ran in my first intro week as president of the Computing Society. I was trying to attract more people to the academic side so […]

Fountain code – solution

The solution to the Fountain code challenge is up on my Github page at . Thank to all who attempted the challenge! C

Academic site

When I joined the department, I copied my website of the time onto my departmental web space and forgot about it. Came across it today and it was full of dead links and old stuff, so I updated it to point to my new site. I think it looks quite pretty now  

Big displays and tabletops – the wrong approach?

The current model Current research trends are in favour of large public displays, hidden projectors, and table top displays – Microsoft’s Surface being a prominent example along with the many research projects involving public displays. A lot of these projects have options for multiple users operating the systems, in fact some are made only for […]

Code Golf

CSLU did code golf today. I did 1 and a half tasks, which were: Output the first 100 prime numbers Output e to 100 decimal places Prime numbers I’m quite proud of this, I managed to do this in 55 characters initially but then after some collaboration with the rest of the club shrunk it […]

Arduino Gas Sensor – Part 2

Previously So I left the last article with the following: Well apart from the hardware I need, so issues need to be addressed which may or may not require extra hardware – as I’ve just thought of them. DateTime equivalent object for when I register a pulse Work out how long these will last on […]

Fountain code challenge

For the second term of the 2011/2012 academic year I’ve made a small challenge for members of CSLU. Details are found on the PDF. Good luck. P.S a bit of background reading can be found here. PDF: CSLU Lent Challenge EDIT: Document has been updated with some clarifications.

Arduino Gas Meter Sensor – Part 1

Motivation My newly ordered Arduino Uno came in the post today so I got to start building with it! An upcoming sensing deployment needs a way of sensing gas usage, so I’m building a basic sensor to measure it. Luckily, most gas meters have an LED pulse which goes off every so often and we […]