Grub error 15 on installing ArchLinux

If anyone else has this error thrown inexplicably after installing a fresh version of Arch, you may want to look at this handy post, which will solve all your problems.  

Rails 3 and lighttpd

This was performed on Archlinux with lighttpd 1.4.28 and rails 3.0.3 Prerequisites Required packages: lighttpd, fcgi, ruby, and their dependencies…   Ruby Setup Required gems: fcgi, bundler (if you are behind a proxy, the magic gem command is : # gem install GEM -r -p “http://[PROXY_URL]:[PROXY_PORT]” ) Once you have that you need to create […]

Battery Monitor – rbatmon

I use a rather spartan windowing manager called awesome in all of my machines. This has been a fine setup until I used it on my netbook due to one small issue, battery monitors. On my desktop machines and the laptop I use gkrellm to monitor cpu and memory and for the laptop it has […]