Migrated fully to WordPress

I’ve moved my main domain to WordPress now, so carlellis.co.uk, www.carlellis.co.uk, and blog.carlellis.co.uk all point to here now! The move has been slow and forthcoming with my originally semi-static site needing more dynamic content and then becoming stagnant as I focused on adding things to the WordPress. The only thing which was given attention on […]

Installing WP on arch, and migrating from blogger

So I’ve migrated my blog from blogger to wordpress, with the advent of google+ this could have been a premature move, but wordpress is just *nicer*. Some major points about this migration. From Google’s servers to my own Want to have support for multiple wordpresses WordPress gets things via FTP (eurgh) So, point 1 and […]

Blogs and Wonder

Hello! I have got the barebones of a new site up at http://www.jimhi.com so go and have a bit of a browse! Also the Lancaster Computing Society has a development blog up! Find it at http://compsocblog.blogspot.com/ Short post from me, all developmenty stuff is going on the Computing Society blog. C