Exam 1 Science 0

Well, it has been a while.

I have been working on a paper of my cumulative work from the past 2 years to submit to IEEE LCN 2009 …. however the paper deadline was today. I had an exam, and so time was spent revising.

I decided to pull the paper and look to submit for MobiCom09. This should give me some time to get some more data and show better trends.

Plus any edit time is good time.

So! Exams. Concurrency and Operating Systems today. I think it went ok. Questions I answered were on User/Kernel threads, implementing fork() from first principles, some mutual exclusion questions, spin locks over semaphores and such for the lower level concurrency section.

Discussion piece for System calls, device drivers and then some file system questions and Amdahls Law stuff.

All in all it was a rather decent exam.

Right. Personal stuff.

New house, with FLATMATES. Makes such a difference not coming home to an empty cold flat everyday. There are challengers for Xbox supremacy. I like living here.

Stuck in exam period however, with exams Wednesday and Friday and the following Monday. Cram time.


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