Ethernaut Part 2 – Fallout and CoinFlip

(This is a continuation of Level 2 – Fallout All you are given is a contract, and a hint about the Remix IDE. I didn’t end up using Remix for this level, but the contract is as follows: pragma solidity ^0.4.18; import ‘zeppelin-solidity/contracts/ownership/Ownable.sol’; contract Fallout is Ownable {   mapping (address => uint) allocations;   /* constructor */   function Fal1out() public payable {     owner = msg.sender;     allocations[owner] = msg.value;   }   function allocate() public payable {     allocations[msg.sender] += msg.value;   }   function sendAllocation(address allocator) public {     require(allocations[allocator] > 0);     allocator.transfer(allocations[allocator]);   }   function collectAllocations() public onlyOwner { […]

Ethernaut – Part 1

I recently came across Ethernaut, a game about finding issues with Ethereum smart contracts and breaking them. I do enjoy a capture the flag and I know practically nothing about smart contracts, so it seems like a fun thing to attempt to chip away at. I’ve currently managed to do the first two challenges, the […]

35 under 35 – One to Watch

(This is also posted on the company blog here) I was delighted to find out that have been declared “one to watch” by BusinessCloud as part of their 35 under 35 piece. Please see here and here for more information. I will try and make sure that I am an interesting and entertaining person throughout […]

The PhD and Industry

Back in April I was invited to give a talk at the  Lancaster University Postgraduate Research Conference held at the university. The room would be full of PhD candidates and other postgraduates, so I wanted to give a talk that would have been helpful to me when I was at this stage. I know the main thing […]

Projected DnD

So I wanted to build some interactive play maps for when running DnD games, so that I could hide rooms automatically and create a more involved experience. I already had the hardware to build this system, and combined with some JavaScript it was not long until the players were running the DnD starter set adventure on […]

DnD: First Encounter at Lyst

It was everyone’s first time playing DnD, including mine so there will likely be rookie DM and player mistakes. We were all work colleagues from Lyst (@MakingLyst) and spent 3-4 hours in our canteen playing. The whole night has fantastic fun and we will be continuing the quest to find the Mine of Phandelver in the […]

Stripe CTF 3.0

Sadly, level 3 would not run for me, even with Stripe’s patch, so I could not continue with the competition. It was fun while it lasted though – C Wednesday saw the beginning of another Stripe CTF! This time I was in London when it started so I went to the launch meeting with some […]

Fashion Hackathon – London Startup Weekend

The weekend of the 14th December I attended the London Startup Weekend Fashion Hackathon. This was a much larger event than the previous hackathon I attended and was more geared towards creating a viable business as well as the tech to support it. The format was fun, on the first day a number of people […]

Data Science London Hackathon

On the weekend of October 5th, I participated in the Data Science London Hackathon for Smart Cities. This involved having access to a number of datasets of city based data from London. These datasets included things such as: Car Parking Counts Oyster Journeys Incidents of Antisocial Behaviour A couple of guys from work and myself […]

Migrated fully to WordPress

I’ve moved my main domain to WordPress now, so,, and all point to here now! The move has been slow and forthcoming with my originally semi-static site needing more dynamic content and then becoming stagnant as I focused on adding things to the WordPress. The only thing which was given attention on […]