Possibly the third attempt to start using this.


Well, as everyone who has a blog is aware, its hard to actually find anything to put in it, never mind actually remembering to write it.

Ok, so personal stuff. Started my studentship at Lancaster University within the EIS(http://eis.comp.lancs.ac.uk) research group. Still unsure of an actual topic, although I will probably swing towards the algorithmic side of localisation in WSN.

Still, I rarely have time to do any personal code, yet some stuff happens. Recently wrote a basic heightmap generator in Ruby, currently porting to Lua, and it outputs some nice images using image tools like RMagick or just plain VT100 colour output.

Post to follow explaining the code.

Degree finished

Ok, so my degree results are in and I passed with first class honours. Sweet.

Now just to wait for my Ph.D funding. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

I am currently working on a C/Lua agent based AI simulation and will soon br poking around with my colleagues game engine to give it physics.

Will post interesting stuff.