The PhD and Industry

Back in April I was invited to give a talk at the  Lancaster University Postgraduate Research Conference held at the university. The room would be full of PhD candidates and other postgraduates, so I wanted to give a talk that would have been helpful to me when I was at this stage. I know the main thing […]

DnD: First Encounter at Lyst

It was everyone’s first time playing DnD, including mine so there will likely be rookie DM and player mistakes. We were all work colleagues from Lyst (@MakingLyst) and spent 3-4 hours in our canteen playing. The whole night has fantastic fun and we will be continuing the quest to find the Mine of Phandelver in the […]

Fashion Hackathon – London Startup Weekend

The weekend of the 14th December I attended the London Startup Weekend Fashion Hackathon. This was a much larger event than the previous hackathon I attended and was more geared towards creating a viable business as well as the tech to support it. The format was fun, on the first day a number of people […]

Data Science London Hackathon

On the weekend of October 5th, I participated in the Data Science London Hackathon for Smart Cities. This involved having access to a number of datasets of city based data from London. These datasets included things such as: Car Parking Counts Oyster Journeys Incidents of Antisocial Behaviour A couple of guys from work and myself […]

Migrated fully to WordPress

I’ve moved my main domain to WordPress now, so,, and all point to here now! The move has been slow and forthcoming with my originally semi-static site needing more dynamic content and then becoming stagnant as I focused on adding things to the WordPress. The only thing which was given attention on […]

4 weeks in corporate research – initial thoughts

So I’ve spent the last 4 weeks in Cambridge working as an intern at Microsoft Research and I thought I’d share my observations on the differences between academia and corporate research. Academia, I find, is far from the ivory tower that it once was. Forgetting the worrying need to find economic benefit for projects, most […]

Cardiff and Lands End

So I decided to go on a week long tour of the good bit of the south, namely, the southwest. First though, a stop off at Cardiff to see an old friend. As Cardiff had been explored before, and I had the car, first on the list of places to go was a pilgrimage to […]

Possibly the third attempt to start using this.

Yo. Well, as everyone who has a blog is aware, its hard to actually find anything to put in it, never mind actually remembering to write it. Ok, so personal stuff. Started my studentship at Lancaster University within the EIS( research group. Still unsure of an actual topic, although I will probably swing towards the […]

Funding Results

Woo, I am now an officially funded Ph.D student soon to be studying Localisation of mobile nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks. I will now eat cake.

Degree finished

Ok, so my degree results are in and I passed with first class honours. Sweet. Now just to wait for my Ph.D funding. Hopefully today or tomorrow. I am currently working on a C/Lua agent based AI simulation and will soon br poking around with my colleagues game engine to give it physics. Will post […]