New website style

I’ve changed the style of my website to be a bit more spartan, but a bit more stylish. Done a bit of re-branding too, now that people may actually look at it in a professional context. Have a look here, at the usual , or at the new .

New Article on Jimhi

I’ve wrote a small article on my site, about the architecture and motivation behind my site. More of a meta-article really. It is pretty short, simple, and written at 2am. Enjoy! C

Website Layout

I have modified the layout of jimhi to be user friendly. It still has a bit of improvement to be had, but at least you can find pages other than the start one now! I shall put a feature in the site which puts it back into ridiculous interaction mode soon.

Blogs and Wonder

Hello! I have got the barebones of a new site up at so go and have a bit of a browse! Also the Lancaster Computing Society has a development blog up! Find it at Short post from me, all developmenty stuff is going on the Computing Society blog. C

Article is actually … up!

Wow, it has been … 5 months since I said I would write that article? Well … here it is! A link to it anyway: . Will be writing a nice auto table of contents generator and folding javascript now, so it looks a bit nice and follows the site a bit more. Probably […]