As we are at the end of 2020, its time to review how well I did and the overall progress of my learning this year. I’d say that when I wrote this, I was optimistic about the amount of good free non-burnt out time I would have after moving house and my daughter only have 2 naps a day.

On average, I’m 19% through my remaining books and 51% through my remaining projects. I did the advent of code for this year and got to a similar point, so technically I’m 59% of the way through.

I did manage to fully complete 2 targets: A Coursera course I did near the start of the year and a parenting book. The Coursera book was a joy and definitely has given me the Maths bug again. However finding a community to learn in is extremely difficult.

I will archive this page, and link to it from the 2021 Learning page.

Target for 2020