Stripe CTF 3.0

Sadly, level 3 would not run for me, even with Stripe’s patch, so I could not continue with the competition. It was fun while it lasted though – C Wednesday saw the beginning of another Stripe CTF! This time I was in London when it started so I went to the launch meeting with some […]

A Fractal Height Map Generator in Ruby

[I’m migrating my old articles to the blog in order to switch to it entirely] Date: 25th March 2010 Introduction This article describes the theory behind, and how to implement, a basic fractal height map generator. It is based upon the algorithm defined at Height maps are used in many things: positioning software, graphical […]

Fountain code – solution

The solution to the Fountain code challenge is up on my Github page at . Thank to all who attempted the challenge! C

Code Golf

CSLU did code golf today. I did 1 and a half tasks, which were: Output the first 100 prime numbers Output e to 100 decimal places Prime numbers I’m quite proud of this, I managed to do this in 55 characters initially but then after some collaboration with the rest of the club shrunk it […]

Ruby gem – json_serialisable

I was working on a ruby project and stumbed upon my first valid application of metaprogramming. I was creating json serialisation methods and realised they were all practically identical. So I looked at how attr_accessor worked and then wrote my own class method called attr_serialisable. This method generated serialisation methods automatically. Example Given a class […]

Fountain code challenge

For the second term of the 2011/2012 academic year I’ve made a small challenge for members of CSLU. Details are found on the PDF. Good luck. P.S a bit of background reading can be found here. PDF: CSLU Lent Challenge EDIT: Document has been updated with some clarifications.

Programming languages course

So I ran a talk on learning programming languages last week. It was the second time I had done that particular talk, and in this case the hardware setup went smoothly – as it was done by Stephen Wattam the CSLU VP. We had a pretty good turn out, mostly of year year undergraduate students […]

Rain – Agent-based water

Well I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and on Sunday with a freshly installed (and therefore speedy) net book under my belt, I thought I’d have a crack at it. Last year (maybe even 2 years now) ago, I made a weak plasmoid generator with the intention of using it for […]

Rails 3 and lighttpd

This was performed on Archlinux with lighttpd 1.4.28 and rails 3.0.3 Prerequisites Required packages: lighttpd, fcgi, ruby, and their dependencies…   Ruby Setup Required gems: fcgi, bundler (if you are behind a proxy, the magic gem command is : # gem install GEM -r -p “http://[PROXY_URL]:[PROXY_PORT]” ) Once you have that you need to create […]

New Article on Jimhi

I’ve wrote a small article on my site, about the architecture and motivation behind my site. More of a meta-article really. It is pretty short, simple, and written at 2am. Enjoy! C