Most of my projects can be found on my GitHub page, but here are some highlights.

Weak Plasmoid Generator

Currently implemented in Ruby, this is a simple DiamondSquare algorithm, an article and the code listings can be found at:

Here are some screen shots:


Simple script which creates a system tray icon that periodically checks the acpi output.

Uses the ruby/gtk2 library, currently hosted on my github page at

Can also be found on the Archlinux AUR.


Battle your names!

You can find the new site at

Put in two names and have them battle for victory!

The algorithm takes the given names of the combatants and assigns 3 attributes: strength, stamina, and dexterity to each player. The attributes are connected in a triangular sort of way to ensure balance.

Stamina is how likely a player will attack each round. Dexterity is the how likely the player will dodge and attack. Strength is how hard an attack is.

Source is on github at